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Writing a will can seem daunting. It’s grown-up life admin, and of course it means you have to think about death… It’s not really anyone’s idea of a fun weekend activity.

But it’s important! It not only gives you peace of mind that things will be taken care of after you’re gone, it also makes things much simpler for those you leave behind.

There are websites out there with robots that spit out automated, template wills. We don’t offer that. There are even law firms that will write you a will for free. We are not one of those firms. Why not? Because writing a will is about so much more than just a fancy piece of paper. It’s about the process you go through with a good lawyer who asks the right questions and gives you practical legal advice.

When you write a will with Convex, we take the time to learn about you, your family, your finances and your future. This gives us the context to provide you with the appropriate guidance for protecting your assets, providing for your kids, and safeguarding your legacy.

Our wills are a quality no one can afford to do for free, and a service that no robot can match. Let us step you through our simple will writing process, to set you up for life, and for death.         

A will in 4 easy steps

Step 1: You fill in our ‘initial information form' below. Do it now! It will take about 10 minutes and it's OK if you don't know all the answers.

Step 2: We'll get in touch to discuss your situation, your answers, and make some suggestions. This can be in person, over the phone or online – whatever suits you.

Step 3: We take the info from the form and our chat, and mould it into a new will, ready for your feedback. We can go back-and-forth editing it with you until the will is polished and finalised!

Step 4: Can we get your autograph? We meet for you to sign your new will, or we give you step-by-step instructions on how to sign and witness it properly (that’s really important!).

You’re Done!

Easy to understand pricing

Like we said – we’re too good at this to do it for free… But we’re not trying to rip you off. We start with a base price, and add extras if required. To give you an idea of how much your will might cost you:

Base price - Will for one person

$450 + GST

Base price - Wills for a couple

$800 + GST

Examples of extras for more complex situations

You have a Trust

add $250 + GST

You have a Relationship Property Agreement

add $250 + GST

You’re letting someone live in your house for life

add $250 + GST

 You're leaving someone land or life insurance

add $250 + GST

 You owe a family member money, or they owe you

add $250 + GST

 You’re leaving one of your children out of your will

add $350 + GST

 You need specialised estate planning advice


We can also help with Enduring Powers of Attorney

These are for appointing someone to make decisions on your behalf while you're alive but have lost mental capacity. For example, if you sustain a head injury, or have a disease that makes you unable to make decisions for yourself, your Attorney can make them for you. See more information about EPOAs here.

Once you die, this decision-making power passes to your Executor under your will.

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If you want to have a chat about Wills or EPOAs, contact Jenny Samson