Who we are

We're not the typical cardigan-wearing lawyers.

who we are

We're not your regular lawyers

There's a lot of exciting TV about us... but really, we never actually get to shout ‘objection’ at anyone. It’s a little disappointing.

To be honest, most lawyers are dull. They’ve been giving the same advice and using the same template documents for 30 years.

Rest assured, we don't quite fit the usual stereotype.

We know what you're dealing with

We've grown from the ground up. We've come from no customer base, no networks and no reputation. We know what it takes to be in business.

We've also bought our own properties. First homes, rentals and commercial properties. We know the excitement you go through, the hard decisions you need to make (at times), and that ultimately you want someone to guide you through the process. We know what you're dealing with.

We're quite opinionated

You're going to know what we think. We're not going to hide behind some complex (yet beautifully elegant) piece of crafted legal jargon. You'll get transparency. We'll help you ask the question you didn't know to ask, and call things as we see it.

We (honestly) believe that the decisions we help you make can change lives. It's our role to educate you, to help you take opportunities, whether that’s in business, family or personally.


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We've grown our business, bought rentals, and made many of the real world decisions you're facing. Get in touch with the team