Wills & Power of Attorney Fact Sheet

10 April 2020

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Wills & Power of Attorney Fact Sheet

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For most people, wills and powers of attorney are ‘important, but not urgent’. The conversation about what happens when you pass is not one that most people want to turn their mind to. However, proper planning can save considerable time, money and stress for your family.

A will covers what you want to happen to your assets when you pass. These include more than your home and personal effects such as vehicles, clothing, and jewellery.

Powers of attorney are just as important. These covers who can make decisions for you (when you are alive) but aren’t able to make the decision for yourself. These may be permanent or temporary, and cover either your personal wellbeing or your property.

Do I need a will and power of attorney? 

In short, yes. Having a will will give you the power to choose how your assets are distributed, and will save your family from unnecessary stress and costs. Powers of attorney make it easier for your family to administer your affairs when you’re alive but are unable to manage your own affairs.

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