Lockdown 2, Morning 1

18 August 2021

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So, Lockdown 2, Morning 1 rolls around...

More than anything, I care about our team at work. So, morning 1 and my go to is staff meeting. Not the long, drawn out staff meeting where people drift off (it's easy to drift off when you're in person right...so drifting off is even easier when there's 23 on a call between Convex Accounting and Convex Legal).

So, here's what our staff meeting looks like...

Firstly, thanking our team. They pitched in last night to get us fully operational working from home.

Secondly, how the phones will work. Who's answering what, and how we manage transfer. Minor stuff right, but stuff that's important for us all to understand. Three minutes. Done.

Then, I split people into breakout rooms (if you haven't used them before, make sure you do). This puts people into small groups, four or five, so that everyone can talk (one big room is too much!). Then they come back with the answers to the questions I put to them.

What I wanted to know from the team was:

  1. What our customers could be thinking

  2. How we can keep our work moving

  3. How we can look after ourselves

  4. What we do as a team to look after each other

So, we end up in a position where we've got meaningful answers, which were generated by our team, on what they think we should be thinking about.

Our team know what we need to know. I don't (and that's true of most business owners right?). Our team are closer to what they need and what our customers need than what we might be as leaders in our businesses. So, tap into that knowledge.

In practice this looks like us making a collective commitment to:

  • Prioritising customer queries where the customer is unsure of the future (so, a wage subsidy question is prioritized over a set of regular financial statements).

  • Overcommunicating and telling each other where we're at on Microsoft Teams more often that we normally would.

  • That we take breaks, and be mindful of not just working all-day-every-day.

  • Finding time to come together and replicating the water-cooler chat.

It also looks like breakout groups for the Daily Quiz on Stuff. If you want to join in...reach out - as long as you don't win...we're just a little competitive...

So, what is it your team need to hear?


If you have any questions, get in touch with Convex Accounting or Hamish Mexted